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Love Tea’s First Pour

Love Tea’s First Pour

         One night James wasn’t feeling well and his energy was very low; and if you know James, that’s pretty rare.  I quickly took notice to this and wanted to make him feel better. I went into the kitchen and started pulling whatever I could think of to be therapeutic at the time. I really just wanted to make him feel comfortable and loved. After making a huge mess in the kitchen, I brought out a cup of tea and told him to sit up and try it. He asked what it  was  and I simply said, “It’s a hot tea silly, just try it”. He said, “BUT I DON’T LIKE TEA”. I told him that I made it with love and it will help make him feel better. He took his first sip… and then another and his eyes just got real big. He stood up and said, “Wow, we need to put this into production”. I laughed and told him he was silly and to lay back down. However, James was very adamant about his statement and his mind just started working.

          A few months later we would have game nights and family gatherings in which I started serving the tea cold for our guests. Everyone who tasted the tea would rave about it and request to take some home with them. Well that request turned into a very convincing look from James followed by the 3 words “I Told You”. Literally 2 weeks later James comes home and says, “Are you ready for the world to taste your Love Tea?” 

          I was lost, excited, and overcome with other emotions all at once. James being James had managed to find a home for the Love Tea right in our very own neighborhood of Hyde Park. Within one year we managed to acquire 3 locations for our tea and look forward to spreading the love in a town near each and every last one of you.

We live by the motto Give Love, Show Love, and Spread Love.

From Our Hearts to Yours,

The Shelby’s